Mulch Colorant Product Information

Technical Specifications

All of our colorants meet the highest industry standards for safety and product longevity.

Safety The ingredients used to make the Nature's Reflections line of colorants are safe for the intended application. Our colorants are specially formulated to be safe for use near plants and animals.

Hazardous Waste Regulations Nature's Reflections colorants are non-hazardous and are exempt from hazardous waste registration. There are no restrictions regarding the disposal of empty containers.

Volatile Organic Compounds Nature's Reflections mulch colorants are well below the allowable rate for volatile organic compounds.

Freeze/Thaw Stability While it's always best to avoid storing the product in extreme temperatures, if the product freezes, simply thaw and remix it thoroughly.

Shelf Life Our high quality products have a shelf life of six to nine months in their drum or tote, depending on storage and weather conditions.

EPA Registration Nature's Reflections colorants are below the allowable levels for toxic or harmful products, and therefore are exempt from Environmental Protection Agency registration.

Responsible Products

Responsible Products

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